Another Round of Baby Registries

So one of the common questions lately have been when are you going to have a baby shower. Our rule of thumb for a baby shower this time around is if we have a boy, then it’s okay. We can’t do 4 different showers like last time. One or two is enough!  So what’s the plan? Right now we don’t have one. I am putting together new baby registry’s regardless. The fact of the matter is we now need two of everything, a second infant car seat, a second toddle car seat, a second crib, a second bumboo, a second of almost of everything. The lucky thing is we (or maybe just me) were stubborn about getting pink or girly colors clothes when P. was a baby. NO PINK was my motto back then. And now it’s going to pay off. 


So now I am working on those new registries but stressing to family and friends we just need whats listed on our registries. We still have a tiny house and storage is limited and the twins bedroom is not that big. No matter what, we will love whatever we get. While we were in NYC earlier in June, clem and I did purchase the twins first gift. Two cute t-shirts, one from Zara and the other from kids store near Union Square called Space Kidettes. My sister secured the second gift, their first stuffed animals, a pink and a green crocodile, of coarse holding cute baby socks. To cute! 


Like I said, we don’t have plans yet for a baby shower and haven’t heard of any in the works at the moment. But if you want to help us get ready, your welcome to do so at any time. Here are the 4 registries we have up right now........we aren’t expecting your to buy large ticket items but if you would like to help us, any amount gift card would help us tremendously. 







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