P's Corner: Oh No! Monsters are coming!

Whether it’s playing hide and seek or a reason to get out of bed in the middle of the night. The monsters are coming! She started telling a story a while back about monsters who coming to get us all. We were laying in bed together at bedtime and she says to me “Oh do you hear that? The monsters are coming!” she said it so convincingly that I actually got a shiver of goosebumps. The storytelling has come early for our little one. 

She reminds me so much of myself growing up. I use lay in bed in the middle of the night scared when I heard a motorcycle outside. I had the story or fear that an evil monster riding a motorcycle would kidnap kids who were still awake. I there I was, I would close my eyes shut and pretend to be asleep. Of coarse I would actually then fall asleep. Till this day that memory or feeling of the fear still arise when I lay in bed and hear a motorcycle. Yes I am a kid at heart. Part of me wonders if my brother told me that story to get me to go to sleep. So it makes me wonder what is my daughter dreaming up in her little head.