Baby Update: 31 Weeks and Visual Progress


We are officially 31 weeks today and we are far from ready for these little one’s. After our little scare 2 weeks ago, I called our lawyer to find out the status of our court order. It’s been noted that the twins could arrive any day now, well that’s what she told them to speed things up. Tracy our surrogate is finally starting to relax but those pesky Braxton hicks are still happening daily. We have another ultra-sound coming up soon as well. 


Tracy just sent me the latest 3 shirt photo earlier this week. The shirt is significant because she wore it on transfer day which happened to be St. Patrick’s Day. The progress of the little belly is amazing and I keep telling Tracy she looks like she’s not gaining any weight. This week the two kids rooms will get underway finally. We are finally emptying the twins room this weekend. I’ll post about the finally selections for the decor. We opted for some changes in the end. All of the furniture is on order and I hoping that it is delivered sometime next week. 


Come on lucky green shirt........KOW


the photos were take at 15 weeks, 17 weeks & 30 weeks


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