Stroller Madness


I could lie and say I did some exhaustive search for the perfect stroller but I actually took the easy way out. I contacted two bloggers whose life is all about strollers and they both suggested the exact same stroller. My search criteria was pretty straight forward, a tandem stroller, that can hold peg pergo car seats and a big plus would be a kick board for P. to ride on. If you’re not familiar with a kick board, it’s a small skate board attachment that she can stand on while the stroller is moving. 


Both bloggers recommended the Baby Jogger City Select because it does have a second seat option with the tandem layout. It also has the kick board for P. to ride. Right now I am kinda torn on the color, I registered for the black model but I love that plum color. I really can’t get the plum color because our friend Chiara swapped our bob stroller for her peg pergo infant car seat. The car seat is orange/red so black would look better. 

BRIAN H-KBabyComment