I Know, Christmas in August, Come on!

Somewhere in a bin of unlabeled VHS tapes is a tape that contains my recording of Marth Stewarts first broadcasted holiday special back in the late 80s. I treasured this special because I learned so much from it and I tried my damneist to recreate all of her amazing projects or recipes. It's also the first time I was introduced to Cassoulet which is a French dish. Over the years I've hoped Martha would release this special on DVD in hopes to continue to enjoy it. I've tried once to fast forward through all of my unmarked VHS tapes but I wasn't lucky. I've even searched YouTube over the years. Sad to report with no success.

The title of the PBS special was titled "Holiday Entertaining with Martha Stewart" in 1986. Then in 1989 she did a follow up special titled "At Home with Martha Stewart--This Christmas" on lifetime. Maybe I should plead to Martha herself!


BRIAN H-K2 Comments