What Did You Say?: Dirty Movie

Last Thursday night I was putting P. to bed and we are doing our usual routine of story and song time and a little conversation about dreams and the days events. This evening the conversation took an interesting turn. After reading a book about a naughty boy who doesn’t like to share, she says to me “Daddy, you know I can’t watch Dirty Movies.” and there was me shocked and asking, “What kind of movies can’t you watch”. She proceeded to say she was told by friends at camp that she cannot watch dirty movies. I continued by asking what are dirty movies and she explained the kids at camp said they are movies only grown ups can watch. 


My daughter is 4, yes my 4 year old came home camp talking about porn. I am still in shock! I explained to her that there are movies only grownups watch and then there are movies that kids and grownups watch together. I went on to say that Dad and Daddy will tell you what you can and can’t watch and she shouldn’t talk about dirty movies anymore. Then there is the problem with the kids talking about it at camp. After a little more discussion, I found out that she heard this from the older camp kids who she plays with. 


The following week I dropped P. off at camp and pulled one the female councilors to the side and explained what P. was talking about after camp last week. The councilor explained the kids do play together on the playground but it’s supervised. I also talked to the camp director and explained the same situation again, he assured me it would be addressed. In the end, my daughter still came home talking about Dirty Movies at the age of 4. I can only imagine what the twins will be talking about because there sister is 4 years old than them. Yikes.