One Twin Home, One More to Go

Lochlan is finally home. The docs gave the green light this morning and Kaiser gave us the green light to transport Margot down to a hospital closer to us. She transported via ambulance with two drivers and 3 nurses. Wow it was a lot of people in that ambulance. Clem followed behind them and has been with her at the hospital admissions and settling her down.


Lochlan soon followed on the road. They both passed their hearing tests earlier that morning with flying colors. A great hurdle with Margot's infection. So I guess you could say the twins had their first trip to SF at 10 days old. All be it was in route. Lochlan is adjusting nicely. Both he and Margot slept during their perspective drives south. Oddly enough Margot had a lot more noise to deal with and she slept though it all. 


Here we are finally more than 3 in this small little house of ours. Not yet a family of five but in due time little Margot will join the fun. Tomorrow starts our journey in setting a schedule or routine of us as a family. Priority one is getting Paley to school, where she can tell all her friends and teachers about her baby brother finally coming home. Paley is truly beside herself. Right from the moment I got home she wanted to get cracking at helping me with Lochlan. From feeding his to even changing his diaper. She is still getting use to the sounds and when it’s important to tell me the baby is upset or uncomfortable. Right now a simple grunt is the baby crying. She will learn fast, that little one! 

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