Twins Update: Feeding Hurdles and Bugs

The twins are still in the NICU. The primary reason for their stay is they are still trying to grasp the idea of doing a full feed. A full feed is 60ml and with preemies they get tired really fast. They both have their moments of conquering a single bottle but that achievement must last for at least 2-3 days. So that is the primary reason for extended stay at Hospiteau.

The other reason, Margot is having issues regulating her body temp. Overall tests show no major defects or health problems. They are trying to monitor some cultures but she's already on antibiotics just in case she's fighting certain bugs that are a problem. Overall they are doing great. Local an is very active when he's awake, holding up is head and looking around the room. Margot is definitely like her sister, runs warm and loves to be held and rocked. Energy is improving with both but it's going to bea slow transition home.

Paley is really excited about her newborn brother and sister and they can't get home fast enough for her. That's the skinny for now. I will post more later this week.


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