So last week we returned from our trip down to LA to celebrate Paley’s cousins 4th Birthday. We extended the trip and spent 4 days at Disneyland. Paley’s first visit. People warned us that we shouldn’t go in the summer and we should have listened. The amount of people at the park  was insane, they really need to cap of the number of people entering the park. The rides were a lot of fun and the repeat winners were the Ariel and Winnie Pooh rides. 


I’ve posted a few great photos we took during the trip. Finding cast members was next to impossible. We didn’t see any princesses until the last day of the trip. And both princesses (Aurora & Cinderella) were just leaving so we got two quick shots. But watching Cinderella  leave for the princess fair is proof why the characters no longer walk around. As soon as she walked out to the open everyone began to chase her down begging her to stop for photo opportunity.