Getting Ready

One of my anxiety issues lately is I don’t feel like we are ready to have a kid, not in the sense of wanting or being able to take care of it. Just in the sense of do we have everything all ready and set up for the kid. Reality check, getting pregnant is the priority and you really cannot get ready for getting pregnant. Does that make any sense - it makes sense in my head not sure it translated onto the computer screen! I talked with Diana today I think all 4 of us are just a little bothered by the lack of information being streamed to Clem and I. I mean our egg donor and Diana both have been getting a lot of information but for some reason it’s not important for a third call to be made to Clem and I. This problem has arise on a couple of occasions and well it did provoke a lot of confusion on our part which kind of starts a chain reaction of prompt or curt responses from the IVF office, not from our doctor but the staff. We are heading into the office for a “donation” on Sunday, so hopefully some of the open questions can be answered. So are we ready, as ready as you can possible imagined!

BRIAN H-KComment