Releasing of Names: Alistair Coming To An End

So this is the last of the boy names. In this batch I had a few favorites that got taken off by Clem. The first was Alistair which he deemed to old fashion. I loved it because it was so old world and so uncommon. Laird was a family name from my tree and Clem didn’t like the idea of his kids nickname being Larry. I liked the name a lot because I’ve always admired Laird Hamilton and come on, Laird is a pretty kick ass name. Morrow and Talbot were names I just plucked out of nowhere and again were very old names that spoke to me. Meade oddly enough was old friends last name. Also Case, Marsden and Maximillian are also last names taken from our family lineage. 


Donahue is another last name Clem didn’t like but Wallace was taken from one of Clem’s favorite actors, Wallace Shawn. Sadly I didn’t like the nickname of Wally. Allerton was a family name of my family tree, Clem found it reminds him of allergy med name. This name was a really cool find in my ancestry search, more details to come in another blog post. Lorcan is a Gaelic name I thought was very strong and oddly enough name of a Harry Potter character. Clem thought it was made up! I know I am dogging Clem a lot in the post but I had my fair share of complaints. Addison and Case were both taken off by me because they were both Top 1000 names. And I did chop off one of Clem top names in this list. He took Atticus from To Kill a Mocking Bird but I didn’t like how it would get butcher down to Atti, the name didn’t sing to me either like Clem. Atticus was also one our top 3 names at the end of the naming process. 


In the end we actually ended with 2 top names we both fell in love with from the start of the naming process. Both names just fit so well together and speak to each of us in different ways. The final plus was both names worked great in either slot of first or middle. Our first name selection is old world and we love the nickname version if it were ever shortened by our son. The middle name is very unique and really isn’t out there as a name. It’s also a name that is found twice in my families history. The boys are done for now and the girls will be here hopefully next week. We still haven’t nailed down a middle name. We are trying.















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