Releasing of Names: Archer

During the naming process we pulled a large amount of the boys names from our family ancestry. Archer had a double source from my family tree. First, Archer is a family name on the Kincaid side of the family. I was able to trace the Archer line back to the mid-15th century. Which stopped at Richard Archer my 17th Great Grandfather. The Archer line originates from England. The surname was derived from Archere and Archier and originated as an occupational name denoting an archer. 


The important people list who have Archer as a surname is really long. The family name that really peaked my interest was a Great Uncle named Field Archer. What a beautiful name. The Archer family waz also some of the early settlers of Virginia in the early 1600‘s. Archer is also the name of the town my grandfather Thomas Kincaid was born in Texas. Archer City is located in Northern Texas and it’s only notable celebrity is Angela Kinsey, who plays Angela Martin on the “Office”. 


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