Releasing of Names: Lochlan

Lachlan is one of the names I’ve been holding onto for a few years now, well before we had Paley. It had no significant relevance for either of us other than we just think it’s a really unique name. There are some really cool spellings of the name and the most common is Lachlan. We opted for the “LO” version because we like the flow with the middle name. Our spelling is a variant to Lochlann which is a geographical region commonly used in classical Gaelic literature. We could have been really wacky and used the welsh version of the name, Llychlyn. 


While doing some research on the name recently, I ran across a website called I am not gonna go into detail about what the meaning of Lochlan is but it’s not something bad but we really don’t need to go into again. I warn you to be careful, it’s verbally graphic. The Lo spelling is more commonly used in Ireland and the name Lachlan is more commonly used in Australia. 

(the photos were taken on Thursday during Paley's first visit. She was so smitten with them both


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