Releasing of Names: Don’t Reed to Far Into Names..

So it’s time to finish my story about first final 3 names which were scrapped. Just a refresher if you missed the other blog post, (Releasing of Names: Just Not the Rhyme Time) Rhyme and Rosalind were the two I already spoke about. The final name is was Ryeland, yes we ended up with three “R” names for the baby girl. Ryeland was actually put on the list by P. She was staying over at my mom’s and they were discussing baby names and I mother mention that she liked the name Riley for her baby sister. P. said she didn’t like it but she did like Ryeland. Well the name actually stuck with us for a long time and was a big front runner. We thought it was original since it had no rankings online. Then a friend of ours mentioned her son’s best friend at school was name Rylind. So the name was loosing it’s luster, so over all we decided to scarp all 3 names and start over again. In the end, I am now glad we did, in searching for an image for Ryeland. I found out that Ryeland is actualy a sheep pedigree. Wow were we lucky. 


Segrid is actually a family name on my dad’s side of the family. Clem didn’t like the sound of it and took it off. Tisch was a name I took from NYU and Cordelia was another name I saw while we were in NYC this summer. I took Tisch off because I found it to be close to Tricia. Clem nixed Cordelia because it was to old fashioned sounding. Reed was a name from a name book but I don’t think either of us were that into it. 


Noelle was a name that jumped on the list right before our friends A&J had announced on Facebook their twin names. They are also expecting twins and for their daughter the choose Noelle for the middle name. Needless to say the name fell off pretty fast. Keller was another name from a book. A boys name that I figured was a good girls name. I eventually lost my passion for it. It’s so hard to stay faithful to names sometimes. Clem brought up the name Polly one day and I was about to type it on the list and I noticed I had misspelled the name. I choose to keep it as Poly because it sounded like a cool 60’s art house name that Andy Warhol would have given to his crew. Yes I just said Warhol had a crew. Back off! No love from the Clem side as it was lopped off right away. 


Herrera is another fashion name, it’s Carolina Herrera’s last name. I thought it was a good name but ultimately I took it off. Like I need to be so obvious, right! So with the second round about of girl names coming to a close. We do have another batch of girl names left to release. So check back in a 2 days.














(pictured top; Genevive Jones (Designer), Tisch School at NYU, Natasha Poly, bottom; Carolina Herrera (Warhol Portrait), Ryeland Sheep, Helen Keller)

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