The Change: The Emotional Train has Arrived..

All three of us are getting a little emotional these days. Call it nerves, call it stress, call it the whirlwind running through our house every day due to the construction. With the false alarm, Clem and I obviously got smacked in the face with a wave of emotion and shock. Luckily P. and her pals that night were going, going, going really late, so when it was time to get her in the car with her sleeping bag, she was OUT! So she wasn’t witness to the emotional wrecks her parents were at that moment. Thankfully our two friends who were with us kept us focused and really jumped to action for us.  


That moment was amazing because it really woke the two of us up. We were coasting a long thinking, we’ve got this but in reality we were as far from ready. Another wake up call was a moment at P’s school last week. One of our obstacles last year was P’s ability to deal with situations where she’s upset or not getting something her way. I will admit that it is a mild behavior issue and by the end of the school year she had turned a new page, grasping control of her emotions and how to deal with situations. We did start the school year on a positive note but after a week or two she started to regress into the old behavior. Clem and I worked right away to help her understand how to stop and breath and work through the emotions.


Which brings me back to the awakening day late last week. I was just walking onto the playground to pick up P. and she had just started to cry because two of her girlfriends had just done something to upset her. I approached and sat down with her asking why she was crying. Her two friends roared like a lion at her and she wanted to meow like a cat at them. We did the usual stop and breath and then I talked with her how sometimes some people want to do something you don’t want to do. What we worked out was she needed to go up to her friends and meow at them while they roar like a lion. After the long emotional discussion she ventured off and finally meowed back. 


Two of her teachers were standing there through the whole ordeal and we talked about the new regression and they pointed out that this change more than likely is due to change in her life. Like the remodel, the new babies and stress of getting ready for the little ones. The light bulb turned on in that little brain of mine. It was more than likely due to the timing, was caused by the devastation of all the construction at home. Normalcy is not in our vocabulary right now. I don’t think the twins are the catalyst because she been nothing but positive about the twins and I don’t think she’s truly grasped how things are gonna change with the twins. I believe that boat will sail some time around xmas. So a big thank you to her two teachers for slapping me awake. 


(this is look for the day, Portia Derossi hair, Lily Pulitzer dress and a wonder woman cuff)


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