Sitting At The Apple Genius Bar

Well here I am sitting at the Genius Bar backing up my iPhone, the problem originally  was my first phone had an issue with the home button. When I clicked on it, nothing happened. But when I pressed hard it would work. So right before our trip out to the east coast, I replaced the phone. Sadly my phone was out of warranty so I had to pay the $100+ fee to replace it with a new phone. What I got was not a new phone. The phone I received had a bad battery. My original phone (which was over 2 years  old) could go 2-3 days before a charge. My replacement after being unplugged from the charger, lasted until about 5pm that same day. Not good! So I am trying out a second phone. My bad is I forgot to back up before the appointment. 


So why am I posting from the apple store, listening to everyone’s problems with their computers or phones, the common denominator is they are OLD models. My mother is in the same boat. I believe Clem and I gave my parents their iMac desktop back in either 2003 or 2004. The last software upgrade they have on their computer was 10.4 (after a quick google search it was released in 2005, yikes.) Which means the computer was probably purchased in that is old. So with the end of mobile me coming to end, my mom’s email is acting up. First it’s not properly retrieving POP mail from Comcast and after the recent releases her MobileMe email is not sending anymore. So the verdict, it’s time to get Mimi a new computer. So far sitting at the Genuis Bar 4 out 5 customers are in the same boat as my mother. Old Software and Old Hardware. Makes sense why we upgrade to new models ever 2-3 years. 


(update - my second replacement has the same battery issue, I think the age of the batter is the jey factor of this problem)