Catching Up Series: Where did we go?

No where! Really we are living in the same house and the same city as before. Just kidding, we haven’t been online because Apple gave up on iWeb and I became to consumed with P’s Preschool PTA that I didn’t have the mental capacity to write blogs posts or even migrate our family blog from iWeb to another platform. So now that my PTA job is coming to a close, I have finally started the migration. 


So a quick update of where we are at while starting this blog again. We are still living and breathing in the same place and the same amount of beings are inhabiting our home structure. Clem is of coarse crazy with work but loving his new life adventure as a Vespa-enthusiast. I am finally breaking free from being the head of P’s PTA last year. Happy to report that we met all of our goals but I certainly was met with challenges. And P. had a great second year with two new teachers and many new friends.


So what’s on the dockets for us moving forward. Myself, I am going to be busy getting ready for the twins. Which means redecorating the guest room into their bedroom. Moving into a larger storage unit as well as redecorate P’s bedroom so it’s more girly. Clem is busy with work as usual but he does have a few fun scooter trips planned with his posse. He also needs to find a new commuting car because the mini is not going to cut it come November. P. is busy with summer camp at school and then she switches to the camp at my swim club for another 4 weeks. She’s back in swim lesson with some of her school mates which means lots of play time at the pool. Her tan lines are flawless. I swear I put sunscreen on her every day at the pool. Although some of the kids at that pool are so dark.


(todays shot is the 2012 cover of the Los Gatos Recreation Catalogue - Yes that's P. on the cover during swim lessons last summer - first cover at the age of 4......check!)


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