Save-the-Dates Are Out

I got all of the Save-The-Date’s (STD) sent out today! Chapter one of this grande affair is now complete. Contracts is next on my to do list. Both of the save the date’s were found on The first designer I used for the cabaret event was a lesson of “blow up the image before you move forward”. The STD was a book plate and I was working with the designer to figure out a way to mount the STD on board to make it look like a book. Before we solved that problem, I received printed proof of the book plate and lets just say the images of the plate were too messy. 

In the end I ended up with two great save the dates that fit the overall inspiration for the dinner and the cabaret. Sorry I couldn’t give you more to chew on with the Cabaret save the date. I still have two unsigned contracts and I am still getting approval on few items for the event. Trust me, you are going to enjoy the formal invitation for the cabaret evening. I am designing it myself! I started working on it this week and I would say I’ve only been able to do about 10% of the invite. Be patient, I don’t think it will be ready for print till mid August. 

What I found interesting was I have process that rely's on replicating certain habits when putting together mailing project like this one for the save the dates. Of coarse the process of putting all those envelopes together is warrant for a brand new sponge because I don't fancy myself becoming Susan Biddle Ross. If you can get that reference I'll give you $10. I am good for it. Post a comment and I'll mail it. 

Another quirk I have is watching the same thing every time. For some reason I watch all 5 episode of "Signe Chanel" while I work on mailing out invites and holiday cards. For some reason, it's perfect distraction for me. A lot of fashion, a lot french, which I only know what every third word means and it allows me to focus on the details of 100+ envelopes.