Big 40th: San Francisco We Have Lift Off

So, this is the first official blog post for my 40th birthday weekend. Right now I am just in the planning stages of the whole weekend. Originally I was planning on flying the whole family to NYC for my 40th. I spent my 20th and 30th Birthday in New York City but after pricing everything out, it was a little pricey. The next option was a grand affair in the bay but where! 

The initial planning of the newly selected location started in January, I wanted to throw a huge party in some huge mansion and draw inspiration from the movie “Bright Young Things” which is based on extravagant lives of the Bright Young People Era of London back in the 1920’s. I began my hunt for the perfect location and well lets just say its a little pricey to rent some mansion in SF for just one night. Sadly a simple evening of just a extravagant location with some food and decor to inspire some 200 people was already footing a basic bill of $40K to $50K. I realized pretty quick, I’d rather buy a new car or house with that amount of money. 

That whole plan was scrapped and the new focus was a smaller venue and a smaller guest list. I was finding several possible locations and fell in love with one particular location that was going to fit perfectly with my whole Jazz era speakeasy theme. Sadly this perfect location was Speakeasy SF and well they lost their lease on the building due to a recent sale. They were pretty close at the time to signing a new space but that space was going to take several months to be ready for entertaining. The earliest they expected to open was Spring 2015. So back to the drawing board. 

I widened my scope in SF and oddly enough landed with an old haunt of mine. Many moons ago ( we won't go into those details) my friend Adam was working as a promoter for this space. Originally opened as a small gallery, they opted to open the doors to be club space in the evenings. Of coarse they were cashing on the wave of clubbing in the late 90's. I spent many evenings at this space back in the late 90's. Some um-something years later, I've actually become a client of this space. We have purchased just over a handful of piece for our art collection in the last decade.

Why am I still keeping the location name under wraps. Well I can't give you the whole cow right of the bat. So for now, here is a simple glass of milk. This space fits perfectly with my overall them of the 20's/30's in Paris and London, with a dash of NYC. 

Next Up: Save the Dates

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