Where to begin,*tap**tap*, is this thing on?

Sorry we haven’t posted anything in such a long time. Over a week now! We’ve been really busy, real busy! A lot has happened the last week! Most important, Clem and I am Uncle’s 4 times over now! My sister Michele gave birth to our new niece Ella Shelby on Thursday, July 19th. The delivery went good, no complications. She was in the hospital for 3 days recovering with her my first niece Ashley and my brother-in-law David at her side. Along with both sets of Grandparents! We finally got photos earlier this week when they got home! She definitely looks like mommy and daddy! I will post some of their photo’s tomorrow along with the link to their photo page. Next weekend I am flying down to Riverside with my Grammie to go see the new little bundle.

So where are we! Well the Lupron injections for Diana and our egg donor started back on 7/16. Both had blood tests done this week and they are set to start taking the second set of injections to start stimulation, TODAY! We got word on Tuesday the 24th that the expected retrieval of the eggs is 8/6-8/9. The window for implantation is 8/9-8/12! We were a little shell-shocked on Tuesday night. Every time we take a step forward, I get a little more nervous and little freaked out that we are not prepared. It doesn’t help that I am working full-time!  I am still missing a day this week, last night I realized I lost another day! Today is Friday for sure but last night I was still living on Wednesday.

Since I am working, we have not been on the ball of everything like we were when we started the IVF process. We had to rush the whole contract process because we were not up to date with Dr. Z’s office and right before the first injections we freaked out because we felt like we had a lot of questions needed answering before we started! Needless to say, it was anxiety that got both of us worked up, especially me! Things are settled right now, we are heading up to Dr. Z’s office this weekend to drop off the contract and Clem has to submit a “donation”.


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