Introducing Ella Audrey S.


She’s adorable, She’s Cute and she’s Ashley new little sister! Here are the photo’s of our new little Niece Ella. Sadly I am still getting use to the name, our good friends Erin & Bryan and my cousin Megan have a new little girl named Emma, so every so often I call Ella, Emma! But I do love the name Audrey! A little play on her sister Ashley name.


Another little interesting tid-bit, my family loves the number 19! My sister Michele and I are both born on the 19th and our parents were married on the 19th. We also have 1 aunt and two cousins born on the 19th and Grandpa Tejada passed away on the 19th. So another 19 is okay in my book! Check out more photo’s to the right or go to the photo page! (sorry no longer available)