Happy New Year from HKFAMILY

Left to Right: My Grammie Mary Tejada, Mary Z., Uncle Red Z. and my Grandpa Frank Tejada

Well I can certainly say, I am happy that 2013 is now officially over. What roller coaster ride of a year. While we hit many highs with 3 happy and healthy kids. We also lost a few close family members and well my mother got the news she has cancer. Losing my grammie was a sad parting but 91 years is a pretty long life. We also lost a long time family friend, Uncle Red. His wife Mary and my Grammie were childhood friends growing up and friends till the very end. Such an amazing story and I feel blessed to be apart of that story.

My mom took the cancer fucker by the horns and has been beating into the ground for the past 4 months. She’s coming to end of her chemo treatments and next up is radiation for a few weeks. It’s amazing to see so many of her friends and neighbors coming to her aid and sharing their advice from their experiences. All in all, she’s doing great. 

For us the new year brings a whole new chapter for our family. Clem is going to be busy with work, nothing really new for our family. It’s an Apple way of life! We are planning on traveling more in the coming New Year. With trips planned to Oregon, Idaho and maybe out to the east coast. Paley’s already looking forward to first grade, I am trying my hardiest to keep on today. She wants to grow up so fast. I remember those days fondly and I really wish I could have slowed down to smell the roses. 


For the twins it’s about time I get them out there in the world. Music classes, swim lessons, whatever I can get them into. I certainly was in a shell during 2013. Not sure why but looking back I think I was really worried about their health. I think starting out life in and out of the NICU, really throws up a lot of barriers for a parent. My resolution for them is to get them out there! Although I am sure the employees at our whole foods would disagree. Everytime I go in, the always comment that I am always in the store with the twins. I am sorry I am not one of those parents who role out of bed at 6am to go grocery shopping while the rest of the house is sleeping. I deserve my sleep as well. 


Enjoy your New Years Day and I wish you all a happy and comforting year filled with family and friends. 


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