The Party Holy Grail & Guest Lists

Paley’s 6th Birthday went off without a hitch. With Paley now in a new school, means the guest list got bigger. We had to limit the number of friends Paley could invite this year. Don’t get me wrong, I am huge fan of inviting everyone but times are changing. Back in February we asked her what kind of party she wanted. She wanted a party at home with a big jumpy house. Then I asked her what would like to eat at your party, she promptly replied “WAFFLES!”. I immediately thought of two waffle trucks we had seen at the Saratoga Food Truck Fest last summer. One truck was just waffles, all kinds of waffles and the other was fried chicken and waffles. 

I booked the fried chicken truck because it posed more options for kids and adults. Our choice was a huge success, everyone loved the food. The big surprise thought, it cost me a fraction of what I pay for catering from a restaurant or my regular caterer. 5 years ago, our neighbor and contractor Chris installed a staircase in our backyard out to the side street. The truck parked on the side street and the families just strolled out to the truck for their order. Genuis I tell you! We are sold! And the side gate and staircase was finally put to great use.

Paley had an amazing and exhausting time at the party. Some friends and family were missed but juggling the twins and running the party last year was a stressful combination for Clem and I. We knew we had to put a cap on the number of people at the party. Gone are the days of 100+ guests in our backyard. Planning birthday parties are hard work and stressful for us, our guests and certainly you hurt feeling of others you cannot include in such a special event. While I love to throw parties and I will admit the day after its all over I am already knee deep in planning another event, the stress has become amplified. I think that’s in part to having 3 kids now. Have one kid was manageable but keeping focused on 3 kids is a lot more work, especially entertaining 70+ people. 

So to those we couldn’t include, you were sorely missed and were certainly in our thoughts. And yes, I am already planning two other parties, I guess it’s a good thing I married a guy who hates surprises and parties where he’s the focus of attention. 

PS… Paley loved the paint spinner at her friend Josh’s party and we ordered one for this party, Josh’s rental was far more sophisticated than what we received. Their had a clear plastic lid with a guiding groove for the kids to use the paint. Our rental was a cheap version with water color paints. So ask for photos of the rentals you book. Thank Mimi for the great idea.