Great People: Mark Morris’s Line Genius


I saw my first ballet at young age and fell in love with the art of ballet. In NYC I had heard about the amazing Mark Morris’s work but never had an opportunity in the two years going back and forth from school. When I moved back to SF in the Spring of 95 and made a new friend who was a student at SF ballet. I heard that Mark Morris was doing Pacific with the SF Ballet. I was able to get into one  of the evening performances in standing room. I was able to snag a seat and fell in love that evening with Mark Morris. Pacific was incredible, I loved it so much that I went back a second evening and snuck in again.It was the most amazing ballet I had ever seen! I never thought Mark could out do that performance but then I saw Sandpiper in 1999, that ballet just took me to a new level of admiration. The last Morris ballet I saw SFBallet was Later in 2002. After that I kept trying hard to go but never made it happen. 


Mark is a unique personality, in his interviews he’s intelligent and extremely animated. His animation is not evident in his personality but also his mannerisms. Some day I hope to meet him. I really hope someone does a documentary about Mark. It would be such an insightful look at an amazing and powerful man and his love of motion. Some day!


(pictured, a early 2000's portrait of Mark Morris, Pacific ballet performance, a screen shot of Mark in "Unzipped" wearing a Isaac Mizrahi jacket, portrait of Mark in the early 90's)

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