Releasing of Names: Mary Your to a Name



With the third chapter of girls names, we find a lot of old names. Some were family names which I didn’t feel right using. One such name was Mary, on my mother’s maternal side of the family there is a family tradition to use Mary as apart of the first born female’s name of each generation of the family. That tradition has changed to using Marie as the middle name in the last 3 generations. My Great-Great Grandmother Andrade, my Great Grandmother Cardoza  and Grammie were Mary and then my mother, sister and my niece all have Marie as their middle names. My mother did say it was okay to break with the tradition but it never sat well with me. I ended up taking Mary off the list. 


Clem found Della on my family tree, I took it off because it reminded me of Della Reese and while I am a great fan of hers, my sister already named one of her kids after a favorite singer and I am not a huge follower. I like to be different. Can’t you tell. LOL. Wallace was another boy name conversion, Clem took it off because he didn’t like the idea of our daughter being called Wally. I did put the name on our list because of the rise of Wallace Simpson in mainstream media but then I realized that our child might be named after a nazi sympathizer. Clem beat me to the punch. I didn’t like Amelia because of the book Amelia Badelia. Clem found Eleanor on his family tree and I found Etheline on a names website. In the end I took off both names because they were to old lady sounding. I did love Eleanor for a long time because I wouldn’t mind naming my daughter after my all-time favorite artist Eleanor Coen. Just so happens that Etheline is also the name Angelica Huston’s character in “The Royal Tenenbaum’s”, we love that movie. Talk about an amzing woman. one of my top 5 actresses of all time. 


Paulina and Pauline were taken from Paulina Porizkova and Pauline Trigere, yes more fashion names. Don’t worry there are more on the list. Clem put Abigail on the list from our family trees but I quickly reminded him that our surrogates daughters name is Abigail. Awkward! Gray was too Blah sounding and Clem didn’t like color names. He had such an issue with Months and Colors this time around. Marni was another fashion name but it was also a Hitchcock movie. Clem didn’t like the sound of the names. Cinta and LisAnne were both model names that Clem just had to stare at me to say, are you nuts. They were taken off immediately, no reason listed obviously.  Maren is my 11th Great Grandmother’s first name, Maren Bjornsdatter from Norway. She was born in and died in Oslo. Clem didn’t like the name mean’t barren.


Malery is probably one of my favorites on this short list. Of coarse I took the name from Malery on “Family Ties”. I’ve always loved this name, Clem took it off the list for the same reason why I liked it. Poor “Family Ties”, no love! Clem put Cassander on the list because he had a Great Aunt named Cassander Holliday. I liked the name until we looked up the meaning and clem took it off because it meant disaster. Last but not lease if Morgane, which is another model name. Yes I know, what’s up with me and the model names. I took the name from Morgane Dubled a french born model who I love! Clem didn’t share the love again. I tried to give the name more meaning to him by saying it was a play on Morgana and Marguese. I know how much he loves the show “Merlin”. Sadly no score there! 



















(pictured top: Pauline Trigere, Morgana from “Merlin”, LisAnne de Jong, Cinta Dekker, middle: Eleanor Coen, “Yellow Sky” one of my Coen paintings, Angelica Houston as Etheline in “The Royal Tenebaum’s” ;-), Della Reese, Bottom: Marni hats, My Grammie and Great Grandmother)

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