Releasing of Names: Elyse These Girls Had Something


Today I am letting go with our second set of girl names. Some of these names were old favorites and a few new favorites. Sloane was a top 3 hand me down from P’s list. Sandryne and Elyse are as well. I took Sandryne from a my friends exchange student she hosted back from high school. She was a cool chick with a cool name. Elyse I took from a Goldie Hawn character in “First Wives Club”, both names I took off because I had moved on or it was now a top 1000 name. Other names that fell to the same fate of top 1000 were Eliza & Harper. 


Landine, I am not sure where I pulled that name from. When I googled the name I got nothing, yes nothing! Clem took it off the list because it looked like LANDLINE. LOL Clotilde was a model name I’ve loved, FOREVER! yes I am using a lot of caps today, because I am yelling because the contractors nail gun is really LOUD. Posey was a steal from Parker, sorry boys, but it didn’t survive because it was to close to P’s name. Kay was to short and Estey was to close Estee Lauder. Cornelia was an ancestors name on my side, Clem found it to be old world. Maisie is a name I took from an old swimming friend who I always thought was really cool. Clem didn’t share that sentiment unfortunately. Clem put Molly on the list from the name book, I took right off. Molly is an over used name in our extended family. Marion was another of his name he added, which was a family name on both sides of our families.


Then there is Sumner. Sumner was a family name but obviously a boys name. I thought to myself driving one day, Sumner could be a girls name. It actually stayed on the list close the end. The name grew on me a lot but Clem wasn't that happy with it and he even chopped it off and I used a veto to put it back on the list. Ultimately, Clem won and took it off because he didn’t like how it reminded him of Sumner Redstone. 


















(pictured; top - Clotilde, Goldie Hawn, Mia Sara (Sloane in “Ferris Bueller”), Parker Posey; bottom - Estee Lauder, Sumner Redstone, Eliza Dushku)


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