Great People: Nigella “Yummy” Lawson

She really knows how to talk to her viewer, she really knows how to keep it yummy & simple and more importantly she keeps true to her real self. Eat it all, the ham, the gherkins, the chocolate rocky road and lots and lots of aromatics (that’s wine across the pond). Nigella Lawson is not only gifted with great beauty, she is greatly gifted with a cooks touch. A real cook! She likes to keep it simple but also bring back old traditions. I found this amazing shot of Nigella at work in her library or office (thanks to I Like, I Wish, I Heart. Book heaven, especially for me since the majority of it is Cook Books. 


Nigella has taught me so much. My big take from her is her simple holiday ham. I no longer actually buy pre-made hams anymore. I order a “Swedish Half Pork Leg” from my butcher, which is basically a pork leg cured in a salt solution. This cuts down your cooking time by 7 days. Let the butcher do it. I usually pay between $25-$40 for a half leg. Then I wake up around 6am on Xmas or Easter morning and start hot brining the pork leg for about 4-5 hours. Then 45 minutes before dinner make a glaze pore it over the ham and  then put it in the over for 25-30 minutes. So simple but 100 time more yummy than a store bought hame. Here is Nigella’s Spice Ham recipe.