Releasing of Names: Pegeen Girls Names are Done

We have finally settled on P.’s baby sisters name. So now I can release all of our girl names in the universe. Initially our girls name list was relitively small compared to the boys. We did manage the initial list down to 3 names but neither of us really liked what we ended up with. So Clem and I went on the hunt for more names and the initial list doubled in count. The batch of names in the post were names mostly left over from P’s names list. Colléte was taken off because it was one of P’s top 3 and during the process we adopted the NO HAND ME DOWN NAMES rule. 


The other old names were Noor, Oona & Annouk, all but 1 were taken off by me for being to cultural, I lost my taste for foreign names this time around. Oona was taken from one of my new favorite actresses, Oona Chaplin, daughter of Geraldine Chaplin and also from the sprite in the movie “Legend”. Noor was taken from Queen Noor of Jordan, I’ve been a great admirer of her for many years. Annouk is just one of those names that’s sticks with you FOREVER. I remember watching the movie “Anouck of the North” and I’ve always though Anouck Amee’s name was really beautiful. Clem took off December and July because he didn’t like month names. Rosemond was also taken off because P. was almost named Rose. I said no to Harry Potter names like Fleur and Clem took off my fashion names like Vendura and Lanvin. I know, what was I thinking. Marlow was to close to a family friends daughters name, Harlow, which I love! Jules was taken off by Clem because he had a coworker named Jules. Pegeen was a nod to Auntie Mame of coarse but Clem said it didn’t make any sense to him. Lastly I took off Bren because it was to close to Brian and Simone was too common or top 1000.



















(pictured; top. Oona Chaplin, Anouk Amiee, Queen Noor of Jordan, Jules Vern, Christopher Marlowe; bottom. Ooan from “Legend”, Pippa Scott as Pegeen in “Auntie Mame”, Lanvin ad, Justin Hartley, Fluer Delacore from “Harry Potter”)

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