Releasing of Names: Naming is Just One Big Gimble

This is it!!!!!! As we come to the close of releasing all the names we’ve been hashing over for the past couple of months. With this Twins the boy names were easy, while the girls were a bit of a challenge. These last 8 girls names had some tough sells and tough to let go. Augusta was a name from a book which I deemed to southern and I took off Carolina and Camelia because they were top 1000. Clem found Camille in the book of names but I had to take it out because a friends mother had the same name.


Gimble was an odd duck and actually lasted on the list till the very end. I really have no clue where I pulled it from. I believe I might have taken it from “Auntie Mame”. Its hard name to grasp but I had a liking towards it in the end. It was Clem’s doing this time, he wrote down “it doesn’t sound like a girls name”. I think I liked the name because it reminded me of my favorite Elementry School teachers name, Mrs. Kimble.


Then there was sweet Sinclair, another boy to girl crossover. I thought it would make a great girls name. Clem wasn’t on the same wave length, his first thought, it was a boys name. No love I swear! At first I wasn’t sure where I found Ginevra but after a quick google search, I found my answer. Clem added it to the list, Ginevra is Ginny Weasley from “Harry Potter” full name. Not sure how I missed that one, gone, no Potter names.


Now we come to painful end of the whole naming process. The final 3 names from the second round were a perfect mix for the first and middle names. We finally lucked out again. The top two name combo was a easy decision because one of us made the decision in the end. The odd name out was Cora/Corallise. The name appeared on the name list after our trip up to Oregon to see Ama & Grandpa. We attended their annual block party and we finally got to meet one of Ama's (grandma) good friends who has been living overseas for the past few years. Her name of coarse is Corallise and on the plane ride home Clem offered up the name Cora or Corallise for the girl. The name made the list and there is stuck around to become our #3 name. Clem loved Cora and it really sang with the first name we choose. We also liked it because it had a Downton Abbey connection, I always loved Elizabeth McGovern, so happy she's hit another spike in her career. So where does that leave us, well the baby’s first and middle name which will be revealed on the big day. So start bitting those nails.












(pictured top; Camille Movie Poster (with Garbo), Augusta Georgia sign, Miss Teen South Carolina (yes the girl who made blond jokes eternal), bottom; Upton Sinclair, Ginevra “Ginny” Weasley, Lady Cora Granthom, Gimbel’s sign)



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