Twins Bedroom Inspiration: Change of Direction

Sad to report that we’ve scrapped the idea of Scalamandre Zebra wallpaper because Clem and I could not agree on the right color wallpaper to use.  You can check out the blog post about the Zebra wallpaper So after hashing it out over several weeks, I dropped it. So I spent several more weeks trying to find the right thing for the twins room. During NYC fashion week, I came across a print that Lisa Perry used in the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The astrological print was the perfect look for the kids room. My plan is to incorporate the shimmer into the wall design and have the stars/planets shoot off the window wall and spread to the connecting walls. Not a big fan of covering all 4 walls in something. It tends to overpower the room and the furniture. What do you think?

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