Remodel Update: P's Room Almost Done

We are so close to being done with P's room. Little over a week ago we had the dry wall crew, smooth out the texture by putting up new mud on the window wall. I finally scrapped the paint idea of mirroring a room in Christian Lacroix Atelier in Paris. That’s the room pictured with all models standing in it. While searching for an idea for the twins room. I came across the Paris themed wallpaper by Famille Summerbelle which was perfect for Paley. I showed her the Un Dimanche à Paris in yellow and silver. Her eyes popped with joy and in her funny way she replied “Yes, P. wants that” (we are working on her love of the third person.)


I opted to have a professional hang the wallpaper because if I did it, the whole thing would become a mess. Props for my dad who did a somewhat good job with my childhood home. Luckily our contractor had the perfect person for the job. During our recent hospital visit I did jet back down to restock our gear for the birth and thankful our friend Shawn came over to help me rearrange all the new furniture that was delivered earlier this week. P's new dress and bookcase are perfect and I am sure P. is going to look forward to having friends spend come over for a sleepover.


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